To write about color I must include light. I dabble in painting (watercolor and acrylic mediums), and am continually in awe of God’s art. The inspiration to write about the use of colors in the Bible has me excited, and a bit overwhelmed at the depth of research. So, I’m buying myself some time with this post to let readers know that I’m beginning a series of blogs on the use of colors in the Bible.

To kick it off, here are some pictures bursting with color.

These two sunset pictures were taken from our backyard last night here in Havasu.

The sun breaking through the clouds in this picture is beautiful. I took this one while in the car one day.

Here’s a Havasu double rainbow. This picture was taken a few years ago.

This is a picture of one of my dog’s eyes. Gloria is a mixed breed, and her crystal blue eyes come from her Australian Shepherd side.

This is one of my watercolor paintings. I call it “My Calm in the Storm.”

This is an acrylic that I painted for a friend. For the orchid, I followed this tutorial (12) Art Lesson: How to Paint Realistic Orchids in Acrylic – YouTube.