When I first saw the movie The Wizard of Oz it was in black and white. When I finally saw it in color, it was a whole new experience. Can you relate? Ancient times tend to be in black and white for me as well, but scripture cures that. From Genesis to Revelation the Bible is vibrant with color.

Our Lord has a pattern and purpose for colors just as He does with numbers. The first mention of purple in Scripture is found in Exodus 25:4 King James Bible Search purple (thekingsbible.com) where the Lord requests offerings from His people. Part of Yahweh’s request is for “… blue, and purple, and scarlet, and fine linen, and goats’ hair” (Exodus 25:4). These items were part of building the Lord’s tabernacle – God’s sanctuary on earth for His people to gather in His presence and pray. I most associate purple with prayer.

Writing this makes me reflect on my mom whose favorite color is purple. She is who introduced me to The Wizard of Oz. Mom has worn an amethyst ring for as long as I can remember. Currently, she needs fervent prayer. Just yesterday my brothers and I learned that she’s in stage four liver failure. As always, she is facing the challenge like a champ.

There are other times in my memory when I associate purple with mom – because of the bruises she often wore. Mom is a survivor of a twelve-year violent marriage. She has struggled with unforgiveness towards my dad, who has already passed on and is with the Lord. I have a beautiful image in my mind of my dad and mom reuniting in heaven and the peace that I picture on their faces brings me joyful tears. Oh, how I pray…

God’s sanctuary and His priests were both adorned in color – colorful, expensive fabrics and linens, and gems – all for prayer and worship of the One True God. In Moses’ day, the tabernacle was an elaborate tent built to the Lord’s specifications – check out this quick 3D video (40) 3D Tabernacle of Moses – YouTube. The scene in the video of the incense burning with the purple veil in the background is powerful. Can you envision your prayers drifting up to God’s ears?

Photo taken by Rafael Guajardo on www.pexels.com

Purple is most associated with wealth Purple Color Meaning, Associations, and Effects on Psychology (verywellmind.com). The Creator of the heavens and earth – the Inventor of purple – was dressed in a regal purple robe, only to then be mocked and stripped of it (Mark 15:17, 20; John 19:2, 5). Purple also makes me think of pain.

My Purple Lament

It’s in pain. It’s in healing.
There can be extremes or no feeling.
It’s secondary and a first that stands last but never least.
It’s robed royalty that’s never ceased.
Mixed for strength and wealth.
It can bring power and health.
Through prayer and endurance,
Purple is assurance.

Photo taken by Veeterzy on www.pexels.com

He made the pillars thereof of silver, the bottom thereof of gold, the covering of it of purple, the midst thereof being paved with love,
for the daughters of Jerusalem.

Song of Solomon 3:10